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Giddy Goat

Well, I am a Giddy Goat!


i'm a tiger, rawr



April 11th, 2010


i'm a tiger, rawr
Lots of stuff been happening and i've been mostly on facebook o.o
Lets see, school has been eating me alive... haha, I don't have much of a story... which is probably why I haven't updated livejournal lately.

I have been watching The Office(US) and I caught up to the latest episode from season 1 XD my favorite characters has to be Dwright.

Anime wise: I've been watching Durarara! and Nodame!

December 11th, 2009

love and the weak

i'm a tiger, rawr
Falling in love, it's a rare occassion. However, whenever I fall in love it always ends badly whether the person I am love fall in love with someone else or well the person falls in love with someone else. It isn't the fact of them falling in love with someone else that torments me, it isn't just the betrayal, the heart ache, and pain that follow afterwards.. It is the person is usually less than me in almost every way.

Animals use their natural instincts direct them to mate with the more efficient male or female to produce the stronger offspring. Not humans, Humans are the only species with "feelings" and "emotions" that direct themselves to a life of "happiness" which they could easily achieve the same "happiness" and "more" if they just went by rational decisions over "feelings" and "emotions"

That is why, i'm cutting off my emotions, my feelings, and my soul.. I am no longer human. I am a demon, a souless demon no longer bound to the world that we live on.

I've changed.

Whether you like it.. or not.

September 9th, 2009


i'm a tiger, rawr
so, why is the livejournal main page logo advertising the xbox 360?... interesting.
I just finished Infamous last night and the ending was good.. I wish I finished it on Good >.<
so I can get the "Good" ending...ironic isn't it?

Pretty interesting story. Working my way through Eternal Sonata.

September 7th, 2009

tally ho

i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
As far as my life goes right now. I'm a few short jumps away from being a college graduate and it's about damn time considering that I haven't been taking a full load due to my inability to handle stress. I'm currently playing Dissidia on my PSP and Phoenix Wright on my DS.

Otherwise, i'll be playing WoW and level three characters at once!

What a task!

Urg, games make me go ADD.

June 17th, 2009


i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
Okay, so this might be a stupid idea.

I'm setting up a 24 hour webcam at my computer desk. Why? No idea. Mostly it's just focused on me and what i'm currently doing at the moment.(Playing PC games, studying, or watching anime)


June 12th, 2009

(no subject)

i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
whew, I haven't really posted much recently due to time constraint and the fact that I really don't have much to talk about.

But, I want to say this.. when you meet someone that you love and you can relate to him/her like a mirror image.. it's a rare thing. But, when the two finally understands each other and the pain they suffer and go through

That's what truly matters.

That's all

Thank you

April 1st, 2009


i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
So, school is once again starting for me!

This friday, I will be taking a road trip to a friend's place and back again stopping along the way to everything that looks remotely interesting. On other news, I've been playing Eternal Sonata and the game is so gorgeous <3 I found some nice April Fools joke :X Though, watching videos on Youtube gives me a severe headache from watching it upside down.

February 13th, 2009

(no subject)

i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
Valentines Day, it's another day where the singles like myself are able to sit alone and loathes about ourselves. it is the time where we take a knife and ponder if life is really worth living.
So why does this day exist and why do many people celebrate it? Well, here's my top five reasons for why women love Valentines Day.

Reason 1: They Deserve It
For guys, spending valentines day alone isn't a big deal.. sitting back and playing games or watching sports. But, for girls spending a valentines day alone can really suck hard because restaurants, movie theaters, and any coupled up places are off-limits and seeing their friends with their boyfriends or getting engaged. So, whenever valentines day rolls by... a woman with a guy in her life is going to celebrate.

Reason 2: Old Feelings
It's those old early feelings of falling in love.. let me explain, Remember the first time you met your boyfriend and how much the two of you were in love. It's a special day to bring back those old feelings again and remind you on why you fell in love with each other.

Reason 3: it's a competition
Women are competitive.. at least against each other. They are competitive about EVERYTHING! Their wardrobe, jobs, bodies, and especially their men...and they REAALLY want to win. Even if women have been doing well every other time of the year, on Feb 14th is the time of the year when they will be bragging for days. Guys send flowers to their work place? They will display it to their co-workers.

Reason 4: Valentines Day turns women on
All those romantic gestures and mushiness makes them want to cuddle and fuck like two animals behind a bush. So, everything that comes before the fore play and like Cupid inspire some rough sex in the bedroom.

Reason 5: This is the last reason!
Really, the title explains itself. Anyways, those are the top five reasons for why women love Valentines Day. I bid you good night..

I resume to spend another valentines day as a single male.....

February 2nd, 2009

what do I have to say

i&#39;m a tiger, rawr
Alright, so I upgraded my PC to a Quadcore 2.5ghz processor, 6 gigs of RAM, 1 gig overclocked Nvidia 9800 GT, and 1 terabyte worth of memory!
I can play anything perfectly. but, I rather spend my time playing Left4Dead and Warhammer...well Left4Dead, the only reason I'm playing Warhammer is so I can play with my big brother(Not actual related by blood).

Job has been same old, same old, and the studying is killing me. I have 120 insurance codes to memorize by the end of this week. How fun is that? Other than that, I'm rewatching Gurren Lagann again because it's bad ass xD One of the reason why I love this series so much isn't because of how well made it is, it's because the relationship between Kamina and Simon is similar to the one that I share with my Big Brother.

While exploring Atlanta Georgia, I came across or rather Pam came across a large building called, Micro Center that sells only computer supplies. I took one step in and I instantly became a kid in a candy store and I mean it was fantastic! I went insane! I wanted to buy everything in that store.

Well, I do not have much to say. I'll end with this note.

Ishida Uryu costume 45% completed.

January 20th, 2009

Alright, so it's been very slow today mainly due to the fact that everyone that wanted to come already came yesterday and the fact that the Inaugeration of Obama is keep people at home to watch TV....which is great for the fact that traffic is not as crazy and hectic as it usually is in Atlanta. I will be purchasing a new computer soon to replace the current one that I have.
I might be purchasing a computer off a friend, but meh we'll see
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