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Date Created:2004-02-23
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Seeking perfection and toward a single goal of just becoming better than everyone else. He likes to eat, sing, and play games. Not so easily angered, but once he gets angry.... preachers would start praying to live.
Strengths: Quick learning, Friendly, High charisma, and strong whenever forced to be strong. I have long bangs infront of my eyes that gives me the cool glow and I look really cool in ANYTHING.
Weaknesses: Always hungry, embarrassed really easily on mistakes, no patience, hatred for society, suckered easily, loses concentration and focus whenever a really cute girl is around.
Special Skills: Sewing, Cooking, teaching, fighting, learning, drawing, singing, analyzing, planning, giving the perfect gifts, studying people. RUNNING REALLY FAST WHEN SOMEONE CUT THE CHEESE.
Weapons: PS2 controllers, I whip people with the cord or whack people with the controller. I cut people with RAM! Throw AOL CDs! make extra thick ramen noodles for KILLING(DEATH BY RAMEN), BOOT TO DA HEAD! NUT GUARD NUT GUARD.
Motto: "Don't talk to them! Squeeze them!" "I love shiny~" "lending me your cds will cure all your problems!"

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